TM has extensive machining and fabrication experience in a wide range of sectors. Below are some highlighted nuclear projects that showcase our capabilities

Ansaldo Nuclear / Sellafield

FSD Blade Body

FSD blade body for the mobile cave system.

Babcock International

RAH Crane

TM Specialist Engineers was awarded the contract by Babcock International to build The RAH (Reactor Access Housing) Crane, which is one of the few Class 1 Nuclear Structures to be built in the last 30 years in the UK. 

The RAH is a 65 tonne Goliath Crane which was employed to decommission the fleet of nuclear submarines in Devonport Royal Dockyards.

Aquila Nuclear

Power Station Flask & Shielding

TM Specialist Engineers was award a contract by Aquila Nuclear to manufacture a Flask and shielding for Berkley Nuclear Power Station. The project was to design, manufacture, factory test, install and commission two pieces of plant for the Chute Silo Project at Berkeley; a Shielded Transfer Flask and an Import/Export Facility.


Prototype Missile Launching System

Prototype Missile Launching System for the Type 26 Frigate Programme.